Saturday, June 8, 2013

Latch On Like Ya' Mean It!

There are times when Babins is crying and in the busyness of all my other responsibilities I don't get to her as quickly as she'd like. By the time I do (we're talking minutes here, not hours) she's now so distraught that she can barely focus enough to latch on and partake of that for which she wails. My point? I think we grown ups do this as well. We expect life to be a certain way, or we expect set outcomes from our activities. When our goals don't materialize as quickly as we'd hoped we jump into freak out mode. So much so that when an opportunity does present itself, we're so busy throwing a hissy fit, of grown up proportions, that we don't notice it or can't latch onto to it. So calm down, take a step back, breath it in, and THEN, latch on like ya mean it!

Recommended meditation:
Deep Stress Relief


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