Thursday, June 13, 2013

To Volunteereth Or Not To Volunteereth? Well, That's A Silly Question...

Today Hubs and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary! :) Initially I considered sharing with you all the story of why he had to change his pants immediately before our ceremony. Go ahead, I'll let your mind wander on that for a minute... But instead I'm going to share with you how I got him an awesome anniversary gift for FREE!
Since I'm endeavoring to live cash-free I've been really perplexed about what to do for him today. In the past we've always celebrated our anniversary at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, but tickets are like $40 each, at least. Hmmmm.....
So last week I sent an email to the Festival box office asking them if I could possibly volunteer in exchange for 2 tickets to tonight's show. I explained that it has been our annual tradition (all two previous years) and that we'd like to continue that tradition, but I'm not allowed to spend any money, per my current experiment. I received an email reply just a few minutes later stating that they would love to have us volunteer and help us maintain our anniversary tradition. One catch, she didn't have any availability tonight, so we're going to a show next week instead. Hey, FREE Shakespeare tickets, I'll take it! Plus, this means Hubs still has to take me out tonight, so now we get to celebrate twice. ;)
Often our time is just as valuable, if not more so, than goods or services we have to trade. So next time you want to hit up an event, offer to volunteer. Give of yourself first, and it is sure to be returned to you in equal measure.

Happy Anniversary Babes, love ya!

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