Sunday, June 9, 2013


It just occurred to me today that Babins has precisely 2 settings: utterly awesome and total shit. I don't so much mean her moods or personality, as I mean her perception of her world. Things are either super great, and she's in awe at every new thing she encounters and learns. Or the world, as she understands it is, with all certainty, heading toward oblivion. No middle ground. No grey area. She's either super stoked, or totally bummed. As I believe babies are the closet thing we have to the windows of our souls, our most true self, I'm trying to figure out what the lesson is here.
I mean, we tell our kid's to be patient. She's not. We tell them to be temperate and cautious. Nope. We tell them to seek moderation and the middle ground. Uh, no chance. So what does her soul know that mine forgot? Persistence.
Should we, as adults, approach life in fits and rages when we don't get what we want instantly? No, maybe not that. But perhaps we should be a little more persistent with our requests of ourselves and The Universe, hold it out there until it is yours. When she's hungry she's not going to stop screaming until there's a boob in her mouth. When you have a valid and life affirming need, don't stop praying for it until it is provided. God wants nothing more than to do this for you. His minutes might be bigger than ours; I'm sure mine are bigger than hers. She doesn't scream out of anger or despair, it's just her mode of communication, her prayer toward her need, and I answer it as soon as I am able. God, The Universe, does this for us as well. Make your request. You need not scream. As we grow we find other modes of communication, but set your prayer in your mind and give it over to The Universe. After all, what Mother wouldn't feed Her child?

Recommended meditation:
Living Prayer

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